We're a group of old guys(average age 54 !) who play board games and card games regularly on Wednesday evenings. We play many old favourites from the 60's and 70's as well as the newest German releases.

Mike, as the founder of the group and the one with the keenest interest, has developed this site from text books and it must be viewed in that light. The main purpose of the site is to gather opinions on the various aspects of games and to rate them to provide a hobby-wide ranking of the top 100 games being played. We have chosen to identify games into one of 5 categories, i.e.

BUSINESS; SPORT; CONFLICT; ABSTRACT; FUN and to further break them down by their Format, Boardgame or Card Game. They are then made available in one of 4 sequences, by Game Title, by Designer, by Publisher and by Ranking

Sometimes it's difficult to decide which category a game belongs to and you may have suggestions of your own. For instance, should we have a Category for POLITICAL games or TRAIN games ? or should there be a format of Tile-laying games ?. Of course the more categories we have the more complex the analysis becomes. However we would welcome your views on any of these topics in an effort to get some uniformity in ratings, if that is possible. It may be that because games mean different things to different people that such an approach is just not feasible.

We also seek opinion on the way in which the ratings are constructed. Mike's original weightings were adjusted after discussion within the WAGS and reflect the overall opinion. There is still a question mark over the inclusion of Value For Money(VFM), is this of importance when rating a game ?

In addition to the ratings we provide our own reviews of the games we have played and we hope you find these of interest. These will cover some of the games that are not in the mainstream, as they will have been adequately covered in other websites. In another option we provide a list of the games that are currently being played in deepest Wiltshire.

The nearest specialist game shop to Chippenham is 60 miles away so we rely on reviews in Magazines such as COUNTER, plus the various websites that have sprung up recently to inform us of what new games are available. Therefore we value any input that you may provide on the games that are out there.

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