TAKE IT EASY - Reviewed by Mike

Category/Format: Abstract Boardgame

Any group looking for a quick filler, or a family seeking a game to keep the kids quiet for an hour need look no further than this simple, yet intriguing game from FX Schmid.

Contents are minimal, consisting of 4 sets of 27 identical hexagonal tiles, each containing 3 different numbers on them, and 4 boards on which to place these tiles. That's it, no more !

The object of the game is to place the drawn tiles on the boards in such a way that they score more points than your opponents. The tiles are drawn out at random and everybody places the same tile somewhere on their board. However the board only consists of 19 spaces so not all the tiles will be played in a round.

When all 19 spaces are filled the boards will be scored as follows. Each of the 5 vertical columns, then the 2 diagonal columns of 5 each, giving 15 scoring opportunities. The length of these columns varies from 3 to 5 tiles and it only scores if ALL the numbers contained within it are the same. This is what gives the game its edge. Towards the end of the placement phase you have several rows just waiting for 1 particular tile to complete it for scoring purposes. And yet other tiles keep coming up which have to placed somewhere, often destroying another row !

A game normally only takes between 10-15 minutes to complete, after which all the scores should be noted. We normally play 4 rounds to give everyone a chance of getting a good score at least once. The highest aggregate over the 4 rounds is the winner. You can make up your own house rule on this.

This is one of those games which takes "2 minutes to learn, a lifetime to master" and has provided us with a great deal of fun and interest for a few years now. Well worth having in your games collection.

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