NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Reviewed by Mike

Category/Format: Fun/Card Game

Simple card game from Wolfgang Kramer with minimal components but a pleasant little diversion as an end-of-session closer. The game can be played in a single round, which takes about 10 minutes or more readily in a series of rounds equal to the number of players or even to an agreed target figure.

The 48 cards depict the skyline of the Big Apple in a series of 12 cards, in one of 4 colours. Each player selects a colour and is trying to ensure that cards of their colour are on the the top of each pile of cards numbered 1-12. It is the sum of the cards on top that indicates the score for each player and the one with the highest total is the winner.

All the cards are shuffled and 6 are dealt to each player and 6 are placed face up in the middle of the table. The remainder are placed Face Down to form a draw pile. The first player then plays a card from his hand and lays in on the table to start the skyline. They take a card from the face up pile to replenish their hand and then another card is turned over from the draw pile to replace the one just taken.

Subsequent players either start another number or place a card of the same value over one that is already down on the table. This continues until all the cards are exhausted or if all players have passed. The latter option is available to a player at any time(probably best used near the end), whereby if they are holding high value cards of say 11 or 12 for other players colours they pass to stop those becoming scoring cards. Of course in doing so they risk other players placing their cards on cards which are currently scoring.

One other little crease involves the scoring. If a player ends up with scoring cards in sequence they score bonus points in accordance with a progressive table i.e 2 sequential scores 3 points; 3 sequential scores 6; 4 scores 10 etc. This can prove a useful bonus in a 4-round game.

So that's it really, quite simple. You play a card and replenish. Those with a good memory will do well at this game but you still need luck for the right cards to be played in the correct order by your opponents to get yours to be top of the pile.

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