Category/Format: Business/Board

Now this is strange, a game published in America, in German as well as English, about building railways in a particular part of England !!...nevertheless this is a very good game indeed, even though the production values are not of the highest quality, but at the price it's a bargain.

In brief the game is about purchasing railway lines which come up for auction and then running trains which transport commodities from one town to another which takes that commodity. You receive revenue for each line that your train uses, so you try to build linked routes so that in say, a 4-line trip, 3 of the routes are yours. It follows that you have to co-operate with other players to get anywhere, a nice feature and one to be given considerable thought.

The routes are already sketched out on the laminated map so all you have to do to indicate ownership is fill them in using the appropriate coloured wax crayon. The commodities that are to be transported are drawn at random from a cup but are placed in named towns derived from a card deck. This means that all towns will get at least one commodity, but its type will be varied.

The game has high replay value as each game will be different depending upon the sequence that the railway lines appear and the commodity cards and chips as well. The turn sequence follows a strict pattern and the designer has ensured that money is tight from the start to prohibit 'cavalier' play. Most of our games have been very closely contested, except one where a player borrowed so much money he sank without trace as his interest ate up any income he got...there's a word of warning there......

So this gets a 'thumbs up' from us and, probably of real interest to most groups, is that it plays well with 3,4,5 or 6 players, as we've tried all those combinations.

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