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Stefan Dorra has reworked his 1992 game of Razzia and moved the action from the 1930's America to the strange countryside of Gackelwack.

He has replaced the gambling dens with poultry yards, the gangster's molls with varieties of feathered fowls, the cops with foxes and the cheques with grain in this release. Some other little tweaks make play slightly different from the original but the basic principles are the same, as described in brief below :-

1. Each round one piece of grain is added to each of the 6 poultry yards

2. Players choose a card from the 5 in their hand and they are revealed simultaneously

3. If a feathered variety is alone in a yard they consume the grain there; if there are more than one present a deal is offered to split the grain, otherwise a duel is fought.

4. If a fox card is played and there are fowl present he eats them and takes their cards into his hand

5. If a fox is played and there are no fowls present he leaves empty handed

This pattern continues until all the available grain has been distributed to the poultry yards and a final round is played out. Players then total the value of the grain they have consumed plus the value of cards remaining in their hand and the one with the highest total wins.

The game only lasts about 20 minutes and is aimed at ages 8 and above. If you already own Razzia my advice is to give this a miss; if you don't have a copy then it's an OK buy for a paltry sum( or should that be poultry sum ??)

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