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Components (Max 15) - Consider the quality of the board, the artwork, the playing pieces, the card stock, any playing aids, the layout of scoring sheets, the storage etc


 Theme (Max 10) - How closely does the game represent the theme ?


 Rules Clarity (Max 15) - Are the rules presented in a logical order ? Are they complete ? Are they unambiguous ? Are there any examples of play ?


 Playability (Max 30) - Does the game achieve its aims ? Is there sufficient player interaction ? Are there long periods of downtime ? Does the scoring system work ? Is there too much luck element ? Is there a chance to recover from a mistake or a bad start ?


 Replay Value (Max 20) - Is the game different each time you play it ? Does it stand repeated playings ? Does it lend itself to differing strategies ? Is it capable of accepting variants ?


 Value for Money (Max 10) - Does the game represent value for money ?


 Total (Max 100)




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