FREIGHT YARD - Reviewed by Mike

Category/Format: Business/Board Game

Only one outing so far for this Winsome offering but it has made a good impression. 15 items of rolling stock are placed in a freight yard containing 5 tracks and there is a locomotive which shunts the stock around. Only stock next to the locomotive can be moved, so play revolves around this.

Players have 5 action points to spend each turn, which they use to move rolling stock from the yard to their depot (Cost 1 AP each), move the locomotive to the other end of the same track(1 AP), move the locomotive to adjacent track(s)(1 AP each) or move completed trains (variable cost according to length of train).

After each player's turn any stock taken out of the yard is replaced by new cards drawn from the replenishment deck. The active player gets to decide on which track, and at which end, these cards go, so this gives opportunities to either place it to their own advantage or, more likely, to stuff their opponents by making it difficult for them to complete their trains readily.

There are restrictions on how much rolling stock players can hold in their depot so its often a case of build up a train, move it to the station, score it, look for the next train. The rolling stock cards depict different types of wagons in different companies and the scoring mechanism provides bonus scores for trains of the same type or company, so players are looking to make their trains up from higher scoring combinations, but the other players will try and deny them the chance to do so.

The game has a variable ending based upon the number of players involved and the number of rolling stock delivered, so I should imagine that games will be closely contested.

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